gym morning and the weekend’s long run

gym activities
cardio: 10 mins on the wave at effort level 5-7
core training: 12 supermans each side w/ opposite arm and leg raised, 12 reverse planks each side w/ leg raises, 50 sec forearm plank with 10 sec leg raises, 2 each side, 30 sec side plank each side, 2 x plank with 10 knee to elbows each side; 2 sets of 20 bicycle crunches.
light stretching.

long run
distance: 11.21M (of 16M scheduled) ~ almost 18km
time: um… 2 hours 11 mins and something? slow anyways.
pace: 11:30/M
weather: light snow fall, -20 ish with the wind chill.
ME was not feeling well at all on this run. the look on his face told me he was enjoying the run about as much as I enjoyed the black nail 14miler a couple weeks ago. I felt his pain. we squeezed in the Lincoln St. hill, the hill next to Lexington (I forget the street name) and a bit of the Bridge St. hill too. I felt good although I panicked in the last 1.5M b/c we were running into the wind and my face hurt, a lot. I was worried about possible frostbite it hurt so much. the last mile I think I was sprinting home I was so panicked! luckily, there was no frostbite, although I did get a bit of windburn. overall, I felt pretty good both during and after the run. that afternoon I didn’t need a nap. ME on the other hand should have had a nap but he didn’t know that I’d planned a surprise birthday party for him at the tube park! twenty or so of our friends joined us for an evening of fun – many thanks to all of you for joining us and helping us celebrate ME’s birthday!

walked up the tube hill 4, maybe 5, times. hip flexors were protesting a bit so I rode the lift every other slide.

ME and I have a run planned for tonight, after work. schedule calls for 4M @ 9:57/M pace. very manageable. this week’s speedwork out is a bit more daunting… 7M broken up: 3 x 1600m @ 7:57/M pace with 800m recovery jogs in between, bookended by 1M warmup and 1M cooldown. friday is an easy 3M @ 9:57/M pace followed by what should be our longest run to date: 18M. I would like to get 16M (at least) done.

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