a little behind on the updates


–7 feb —
time 2:18:54
distance 13.15M
pace 10:34
calories ~1100
long run in the ‘Loo area. felt ok. I thought about deep and interesting things on this run that I wanted to blog about but have since long forgotten. note to self: run more to improve memory.

–12 feb —
time 37:32
distance 4.10M
pace 9:09M
calories 474
short run in Las Vegas. seriously people give me a break, I ran while I was in Sin City. admittedly it’s not anywhere near the mileage I needed to get in while there but hey! I ran didn’t I??! and… I’ve been feeling miserable ever since we got back. today (thurs) it all caught up with me and my body decided to detox itself the old fashioned way. that’s enough details but know that I’ve been replacing fluids and have eaten today. pity party of one right over here.

other news – a couple items

I’ve been in a funk lately. evil lack of sun in the middle of Feb is giving me the blues. no motivation, no energy coupled with work stress and my general impatient personality is percolating into a grumpy, miserable hoodie. (again pity party… trust me, it’s a good one) so anyone got any good ideas for a pick me up that can be done under the following requirements?
1. cheap or free
2. is easy to do (read instant gratification)
3. doesn’t require a huge time commitment
I’m pretty much up for trying anything and hey, if you just want to go for a run with me I’d love that too.

so I’ve got a big dilemma. my childhood best friend, CB, is getting married this summer. her buck and doe is the night before the Ottawa Marathon, which I’ve already signed up for and have been training for. there is no way I can do both. it’s one or the other. she’s a runner too and we’re not as close as we were before university. what do I do?
I have already made my decision but I’m wondering dear readers, what would you do? what would you do in my position? leave your comments.

One thought on “a little behind on the updates

  1. Pick me up ideas:– Buy yourself some flowers. Seriously. It’s nice to treat yourself once in awhile.– Create an afternoon of sloth – no work at all, just junk food and chick flicks. And don’t feel guilty about it.– Organize something. Give yourself a feeling of accomplishment by crossing something off of your list.Ok, so I’m weird.Keep this in mind – the buck and doe will just be the first step in their wedding. You can always send a nice engagement card or buy a present for the shower. Hopefully, you’ll be invited to the wedding so you can really celebrate with them. If you missed the marathon, would you regret it? If you missed the buck and doe, would you regret it or just be sad?Something to think about when you’re running. 🙂


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