truncated tempo – warning > this story includes dry heaves!

scheduled tempo run
7M broken up: 1.25M warm up, 3 x 1M @ 7:57 with .5M recovery jogs in between and 1.25M cool down

actual tempo run
distance: 4.93M
time: 44:30
avg pace: 9:02 (ooo speedy!)
calories: 557
splits: 1M warm – 9:32
1M tempo – 8:12
0.5M recovery – 5:13
0.73M tempo – 5:44 (I was on pace for like a 7:15 mile! this was where the dry heaves came in. I was heaving so hard I had to stop and walk for a couple mins. I felt like laying down in the snow but there were way too many witnesses for such tactic so I coughed/gagged/heaved-walked until I felt like I had control of my gag reflex and then trotted along my merry way.
0.42M recovery – 4:25 (see above for what I did with my 4 min and 25 seconds of recovery).
1M tempo – 8:22
0.29M recovery – 2:59

so I was lazy and didn’t do the final 2.07M of my run this morning but cut me some slack people! I was dry heaving! thankfully/stupidly I didn’t eat anything before my run. plus I was flying solo and apparently that makes me a baby. if others are with me I’m so competitive I would have pushed myself to finish if they did and preferably beat at least one person in the process.

there’s 3M on the schedule for tonight but ME got us tickets for the Rangers game tonight so not sure how that’ll pan out for running.

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