blog idol! hoodie needs your help!

blog idol has started! iRun has kicked off their blog competition!

I’m contestant #4 – please, please, please, please visit: and vote simply by clicking my name!
I’m in need of lots of visitors over the next couple months so help me out by visiting daily!
here’s a direct link which’ll take you right to my blog entries on the iRun web site (ps – you should book mark it wink wink!):

naturally, I’d like it if you read my posts while you’re there too…

all posts will be archived here at hoodieruns.

Tim Horton’s started its Roll Up the Rim contest today…
the Great Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim Tally – hoodie 0 : Tim Horton’s 1
good start. last year I was like 1 in 21.

this morning I made it to the gym. I did about 27 mins on the elliptical and then LM and I did arms. kind of a weak workout but it energized me. I’ll be back on wed.

on deck tonight is a 6M @ 9:45. it looks like the snow melted enough that it should be fairly clear on the roads. which is a little sad b/c ME gave me these awesome possum grippy thingies for my shoes and I haven’t had an opportunity to try them out. that said, I’m so done with winter. bring on the sunshine!

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