weekend activities and morning run

saturday run (haha I just typed rum)

distance: 7M
time: 1hr 8mins
pace: 9:45/M
calories: ~800
notes: longest run since the 1/2 a couple weeks ago. solo. felt really good. no pain, no tiredness. probably helped that I ran about 40mins before sunset, when I tend to feel the best. I ran up at mom and dad’s to the conservation area. did a 2.2km loop and headed back towards their place since it was starting to get dark. I jammed my right ankle on a root but aside from some localized tenderness at the bottom of my tibia on saturday night, it’s been fine. (whew! lucky!) after stopping to get some water, I headed up the highway and back and did mom and dad’s street a couple times to get 7M. it was a good run. definite runner’s high afterwards. also was my first run in the new shoes- Saucony ProGrid Xodus in blue.

aren’t they sexy? :o)

on sunday we did family photos in Goderich. Claire from Claire K Photography came up and did our pictures. we had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see the pictures! P.S. go check out www.clairekphotography and see the work of Claire K > she takes beautiful photos! she’s awesome, hilarious, wonderfully creative! thanks again Claire!

monday morning run w/ HE
distance: 4.3M
time: 44mins
pace: 10:10/M
calories: ~400
notes: didn’t feel so great this morning. maintaining what should be an easy pace for me was hard. woke up with right ear and throat sore. not a cold sore but swollen/pressure sore. was likely just the way I slept. right hip was also tight which makes me think that it was more how I slept. so glad HE dragged my ass out of bed. I felt better after the run, even though my legs and body felt (and still feel) heavy. as the coffee goes into me this morning I’m started to feel better and better. the massive, heavy, carbolicious supper I had last night probably didn’t help. mmm cheesy potatoes….

3 thoughts on “weekend activities and morning run

  1. my family went out for the new 'Remember Run' in Cambridge yesterday. It was very well attended. We didn't run as we are still getting over the H1N1 and the breathing is not quite right yet. Still enjoyed walking the shorter route.


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