the plan – see that? not in all caps.

last night’s run:
4M around the neighbourhood
38:00 mins
avg pace 9:30ish/M
effort: 2M @ E (easy), 2M @ goal M(marathon)
pain: none aside from nausea
notes: ran in my new trail shoes on people’s grass or rocks instead of the sidewalk to make it a bit more of an authentic off-road experience. I hate the people with freakin’ slippery faux brick driveways. they should be banned. almost ended tits up in the rhubarb three times. fuckers. shoes were great though. socks were sucky and I got a blister from them. they are now for after run feet warming. never. ever. for running. ever. otherwise it was a great run. I started out a bit too quick instead of taking my time and warming up so the first M was 9:30ish pace and the mile 2 was 10:30ish and then I kicked it up for some tempo work for a mile and then took a 2 min recovery jog and then gave’er again. miles 3 and 4 were 8:30 and 8:15ish. I wanted to barf by the end but that’s what mile repeats are for according to the Best of Running article in this months Runner’s World.

now for the plan (formerly THE PLAN) update
I needed more than 24hrs to recover from the Niagara 1/2. instead, I took one week off. at this point I need to evaluate the p90x lite approach for weight loss or instead build a solid base for a spring marathon and use that to lean out. if I’m going to attack a BQ, the weight loss is a must. sucks for soccer and hockey b/c I’ll get pushed around more but it’ll make me quicker over 42.2kms. I think p90x lite might be too much for me as I dial up the base mileage running. that said, core work and strength training will be essential for me to BQ. I need to be all around strong to hold my form through a marathon. so it’s eval time… review the p90x dvds, rummage through the wealth of other fitness stuff I have for alternatives and come up with a new THE PLAN. the training schedule posted at runbayou is really interesting. it uses periodization which is cool since I’ve never done anything like that before. so investigating it for use for the spring marathon training plan. in the mean time, the plan is for the week:
M- run medium
T – volleyball and run or strength train
W – soccer and easy
R – hot yoga and easy
F – easy
A- long run
U- rest.

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