morning run

Ran the outside of the neighbourhood with HE
distance: 4.7M
time: 47:5o-something mins
pace: 10:10/M
calories: almost 500
notes: hebrew! that’s what I’m going to call HE from now on. hehee! take that google ad bot! btw: HE (hebrew) has a blog here. yeah. so about the run, it was good. watched the sun come up. felt much better this morning that monday morning. ran in my ancient blue saucony’s and they are pretty much done. time for a replacement. ME says I should scale back on the shoe buying. what does he know? he’s a boy. boys don’t get the shoe thing. plus he buys running shoes at like every race expo we got to. something about how they are cheap. wait. huh. maybe I should be buying shoes at expo instead. I need a race to sign up for so I can buy shoes. suggestions??
right. back to the run. frosty and cold this morning so my first mile was at like 8:20/M because I was shivering and needed to warm up fast. I even went back for my fleece vest it was so chilly. glad I did because I was comfy for the entire run.

Glee is on tonight (squee!) and so is Top Gear (double squee!).

Oh and I might buy a car today.

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