florida, a couple runs, gym, and not enough sleep

this week and last weekend were pretty jammed packed. I was in florida, with ME, visiting ME’s cousin JH and her husband MR. lots of food, bevvies, fun and shopping was crammed into 3 days. did I mention lots of adult beverages?

yeah. all class, I know.
many many thanks to JH and MR for their hospitality! I had a great time and look forward to when you guys can come and stay with us!
anyways… since getting home I haven’t slept much and I’m dead tired from the exercise I’ve gotten in this week. so much so, that I was woken up this morning with a cold paw in the face and the saddest “Why haven’t you feed me yet?!” eyes you’ve ever seen. at 7:30am. 2 hours later than she normally gets me up… which means I slept through my alarm, gym appt, and a howling cat. fine start to my day.

this week I ran Wed morning with HE.
distance: 4.75M
time: 49mins
pace: 10:10/M
calories: 490
notes: was really warm. ran in capri pants and wasn’t chilly at all! pretty good considering it has snowed this month. felt good to run after such a lazy and boozy weekend.
Wednesday night was a late soccer game at 11pm. had a terrible touch, like there was cement in my feet and my ankles had fused. it was a good 50min run though but didn’t push hard enough to feel the dry heaves come on.
Thurs morning I did a gym trip with KT
completed Jillian Michaels Making the Cut day 1. minus the cardio stuff involving the threadmill. too much of a pain in the ass to hope on a treadmill for 1 min of sprinting and then have to wipe it down afterwards. didn’t realize how out of shape I’d gotten. the 5 circuts were hard. like really hard. I had to stop doing mountain climbers for a few seconds so that I wouldn’t barf my yogurt and granola breakfast. yogurt barf is gross. worse than regular puke. Jillian would have probably yelled at me and called me a baby. I would have deserved it too.
in other news:
christmas shopping has begun in earnst. need to find a good hidey hole to stash my treasures that ME won’t find. I’m thinking his sister’s place might be my best bet. bought a pair of Spanks to wear with the disco ball dress on Saturday’s charity dinner. I don’t know where the Spanks put it but keep doing what you’re doing! shoes are going to be an issue for that dress. might need to check out the mall on Saturday. last night I went and saw New Moon and it was delightfully cheesy and bad and I loved it. sorry Twi-Hards, it’s not brilliant literature, nor a particularly good movie but I embrace the cheese and enjoyed it all the same.
happy belated thanksgiving to the Americans out there and enjoy your Black Friday shopping!

One thought on “florida, a couple runs, gym, and not enough sleep

  1. Great Post Hoodie. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in FL. I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. As far as Black Friday, I stay home and avoid the crowds. It's not worth it. lol. That's just me, and I'm not a shopper anyways. Welcome to getting back in the hang of things. My run this morning (day after Thanksgiving) was Blahhhhhhh! lol. have a good one and……Keep Running!


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