Happy New Year!

Hey 2010!

Glad you're finally here! I've got some big plans for you… Good thing there's still lots of time left.

Goals for 2010:

1. Change log to metric. I live in Canada after all, should make better use of the easy system! (Complete)

2. Marathon in May. Sub 4 hrs. (In progress – training)

3. BQ. (In progress – Gulp.)

4. Fit into my skinny jeans by May marathon. (In progress – right after I eat this dip)

5. Clean out my closet and give away everything I: a) forgot I owned b) doesn't fit c) haven't worn in the last year. Including shoes. (Not started)

Runs over the holidays:

29 Dec | 8.65M | 1:29:57 | 10:24/M | 1015cal | -11 degrees C including wind chill, snowy, with HE in Owen Sound. L knee irritated a bit but no complaints after. Felt heavy after so much food!

Total mileage since 9 Sept 2009 – 165.64 miles (…and press the trip button! It's a new year!)

2 Jan | 11.07km | 1:10:40 | 6:23/km | 804 cal | -14 + windchill approx -25 degrees C (frost on your face cold), clear sunny, no body/injury issues aside from a frozen ass. Ran into the wind to Country Squire and then the GRT (Grand River Trail) home with HE. ME gets off for this one since he was out with KB* (aka John Deer Pants) making an investment for both our training programs…

Must go! ME is home with the treadmill!!

(*super huge thank you to John Deer Pants for his heavy lifting abilities and big honkin' truck! We definitely couldn't have done it without you! Sorry we picked the coldest day ever to do it all…)

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Hoodie! Hope you had a good one. As Heather said, Its a great plan to write down your goals and share them. We will all make sure that you conquer them all. Good luck and success on your training. Take care.


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