Right now it seems as though life and work are super busy, a whirlwind if you will. Thankfully, running is doing a great job at keeping me sane. This week I’ve really cranked out the workouts. In fact I’m really impressed with me. I actually hauled my ass off the couch on Wednesday night at 10PM and got my work out done. Despite the cat attempting to keep me pinned to the couch. Below is my week summary of workouts.

Completed workouts:
Monday – missed workout.
Tuesday – hill repeats run and soccer
Wednesday – 5K run
Thursday – spin, strength and soccer
Friday – REST!
Planned workouts:
Saturday – tempo run
Sunday – 10K long run.
Other obsession consuming my attention lately is pinterest.
Head over here to see see my Friday funny: http://pinterest.com/pin/441176805/ 

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