An aggressive cuddle post ride

This is Albert. She (yes she) is an aggressive cuddler, especially after I've been spinning for 48mins and not lying on the couch with her.

I watched episode three of season two of the British show Misfits, my favourite episode so far. Lesballs: you need to find it and watch it over there. It's so! good! As a reward for spinning, I've decided I get to watch an episode per spin which guarantees me at least 45mins on the bike.

And the aggressive cuddle is a pretty nice treat after watching Misfits and spinning on Ginger.

14 Sat – 9km run with @FitBoundy and HS
15 Sun – 9.8km run with @runnergrl
16 Mon – 48min spin (about equivalent to an 4.8k run)
17 Tues – scheduled: volleyball, soccer.

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