Decisions and a new obsession

Given my shitty training in the last few weeks, I’ve made the decision to pull out of the Ottawa Marathon. I’m really disappointed in myself but I have to be honest with myself and the bottom line is: I’m too far behind in long runs and have lost so much fitness that there is no way I could run Ottawa injury free. Anger, frustration, mental self flagellation are all banging around in my head but too bad. It’s my own fault.

That decision has finally enabled me to mentally re-engage in working out again, interestingly enough. I was in a negative feedback loop (another missed run > the marathon is going to suck so much > why should I even try > I’ll just miss this run because hey, I’ve already missed so many > rinse and repeat) but now it’s as though by making the decision to pull out, I’ve removed the root cause of my exercise paralysis. Enter Tetz and CrossFit Waterloo.

Last night I did my first CrossFit Elements class. The link has my workout experience and stats. I’m addicted. So addicted. I can see from just one class how it can make you a much stronger, functional athlete. The glow I’m feeling from last night’s workout I want to capitalize on and get triathlon training ramped back up. CrossFit is my new obsession.

Also on my plate is a 75km bike ride coming up in June: The Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart.  As many of my family and friends know, stroke hit very close to home last fall. While we still haven’t found out for sure a stroke was the cause, supporting The Heart and Stroke Foundation means that life saving research into stroke prevention and treatment can continue and help thousands of Canadians. Sponsor me here.  So many of my friends and family have already been VERY generous. @edmarkwards and I are very lucky to have such a huge and supportive network and we are genuinely thankful to have every one of you in our lives.

Thank you.

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