Two thirds of Zeus (or, in my case, about half)

Yesterday evening marked my second CrossFit class of the year. Flock me. I’m really out of shape again. Was encouraged by Tetz to get my ass in gear and get to class this week. My energy levels have been pretty crappy since going to Las Vegas (and not really working out for two weeks) and I’ve been dealing with a bruised heel (no running), inflamed hip (thank you skating). Time to suck it all up and get back to work.

2/3 “Zeus” (Modified)
3 Rounds, 25 minute cap: (completed 2 rounds)
20 Wall ball (20/16) – mod 12
20 Sumo deadlift high-pull (75/55) – Rx
20 Box jump (24/20) – Rx
20 Push press (75/55) – Rx
20 Burpees
20 Push-ups
10 Jumping Squats (75/55)  – Rx

This workout combined a lot of cardio and my least favourite movement: wall ball. Good God I hate doing wall balls. I finished 2 full rounds and was really impressed that I was able to do Rx weight, especially with that many reps of push press. Andi was on our cases to keep our hips moving quickly and today my hips are fatigued and stiff. I’m pretty happy with my overall results, considering my lack of motivation, work ethic and injuries.

On the food front, ME and I are back into the Paleo groove. My goal is an 80/20 split whereas he just wants to get fed. That works out rather well as he’s pretty much on board to eat whatever. He just gets some rice and dairy served up with his stuff. Tetz and I have been talking about food journal fatigue and I’m going to try and post pictures of my meals as I go instead. You can look forward to pictures of me eating the rainbow.

Skating and soccer up tonight. Wish me luck.

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