It’s been awhile…

I’ve been busy!  (see: golf with Hoodlet, ripped hands, sunburn and dirty legs)
A couple of weeks, early in April were spent in Jamaica, sunning and rumming with some of our bestest friends. Such fun was had! Some minor nudity, lots and lots of dirty bananas, beach, cliff jumping, jerk chicken, jerk fries, jerk pasta, and tons of belly laughs were all highlights. @Wardy_, @keilshammer, @Leslie_Morton, and CM75, thank you so much for so much fun!!! I (we!) love you guys!!
The rest of April has slipped by with running and CrossFit. I’m working out 3-5 times a week and enjoying myself immensely. This seems to really help me keep my sanity and I am likely the changes I’m seeing in other sports. For instance, the little Hoodlet and Hubcap came down on the weekend. We golfed 18 and I was *crushing* my drives. Easily the longest drives of my life and straight! I certainly like the strength I’ve accumulated! 
Friends from work are encouraging me to do an obstacle race and that seems like it’d be super fun. Just terrified of the work I need to do to be competitive. Please, send me encouragement. I’ll do it… just need some gentle persuasion. 

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