Ups and downs

Warning: this starts out a pity party but gets better. I promise. 
I was lazy with the eating and boozy on the weekend. Bad combination. 
I played  four games of volleyball on Saturday, and ran 5K, hungover, on Sunday with @bigbrnz, and Mr and Mrs Gonger. The run happened to be @bigbrnz ‘s longest consecutive run ever! Very pleased to have been part of that milestone! Congratulations buddy! 21.1, watch out!
I called my Mom and wished her a happy Mother’s Day. I felt crappy not seeing her and that, compounded with some birthday doldrums, I was feeling blue on Sunday. I did get to do bedtime stories with Miss K and that funny Amelia Bedeila had us both giggling. Back to organizing some stuff for work and my stress level rose. Cue emotional eating and subsequent bloat and poor sleep.
Monday started out with stewing about the crazy weather (snow?! minus temperatures?!) then a bad day at work, a less than spectacular round of golf (however, with the bestest company) which left me frustrated and finally it ended with another night of poor sleep. This equaled more emotional eating. 
Today I was wiped and dragging. More bumps at work and my poor car was feeling under the weather too. Between running around trying to get a handle on things and worrying about the car, by four PM I was shut down. I didn’t want to go to CrossFit or cook a meal. I wanted to lay on the couch with the kitty and watch Sherlock. Lucky for me, my friends and loved one provided the up I needed one more time to get me out to work out and motivated to cook something Paleo friendly (mostly, except the bit of dairy). 
See the common theme through the pity party? My circle of people that time and time again, pick me up and send me back out to carry on. Thank you for being you and for being there for me. 
I love you guys.
So tonight’s workout:
4 rounds:
3 strict pullups with 3 second descend
Max effort (as many as you can until you fall off) chest to bar. – did a scaled work out of pullups.
WOD (16 min cap)
50 double unders 
20 hand stand push ups
20 toes to bar
50 double unders
15 T2B
50 double unders 
10 T2B
I scaled this workout too, doing dive bombers and knees to elbows instead of HSPU and T2B.  I did, however, do dbl unders. 
I finished the set of 15 HSPU. Bloody T2B shreds my hands. I swing too much when I kip and I think I’m a wimp.
Not my best outing but I’m feeling better about it now that I’ve had dinner (pork loin, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, cucumber, tomato and a bit of cheese) I’m feeling better. So glad that I got out and did it!
And I’m up!

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