The two week check-in

As some of you know, a few of us (@bigbrnz, @Wardy_, @keilshammer, @edmarkwards) are doing Dry January. It is day 14, aka the two week mark and here’s the status update. It’s been hard only a couple of times. Once after volleyball when the team went out for a drink and one evening when we went to the Rangers game and I kinda just wanted to have a beer before and at the game. This is where I breathe a sigh of relief… I’m not alcohol-dependent! Despite having stripped alcohol from my diet, I haven’t seen a corresponding dip in weight. That’s slightly disappointing but I think I did just replace booze with chips. So there’s my two week check-in. It’s going ok. :o)

In other news, I’ve signed up for 30K Around The Bay. Some of you had guessed, asking some questions about the amount I’m running lately. That’s the secret. I’m in training. My schedule has me running five days a week and I really want to squeeze CrossFit in there minimum once a week. Still trying to figure that out. I haven’t been to CrossFit in about a month. Oops. All that on top of hockey, soccer, volleyball and learn to skate each week. I bought new shoes to help ward off injury and to keep me motivated.

With all of this crazy working out scheduled, I need to adequately fuel my body. CrossFit advocates the Paleo approach – boiled down this means eat it if it had a face or came from dirt. There are a few exceptions: grains, tuberous vegetables and legumes. The reasons for excluding these are that they are often genetically modified and/or they are really hard to digest, unprocessed. And, I’m trying to do it. Gone are my beloved potatoes, chips, anything in a box and rice. This is quite a shift for me so I’m working to get to 80% following paleo. Tetz found a rockin’ book called Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. The author has a blog over here: She makes all of her food for the week on Sunday and then selects two veggies and one protein for each meal and creates a hot plate. I thought that sounded manageable and reasonable so I tried it last night.

For the week I cooked:
1 head of red cabbage – boiled 1/2 and chopped the other to cook later.
2 heads of broccoli – steamed
1 spaghetti squash – roasted
6 porkchops – broiled, 2 of each made with a different spice combo for variation
3 chicken breasts – sauted, mixture of spices
1 lb of lean ground beef – sauted with garlic and onion and burbon smoke and cayenne pepper spice mix

Hopefully this should feed the husband and I for the week with a couple of meals out and should theoretically get me to the 80% goal. I’ll let you know how it goes and how much I end up throwing out or how much more I end up having to cook.

Here’s my lunch today:

1 cup of red cabbage (looks like purple ballons, thanks Kiddo)
1 cup of broccoli
4oz of ground beef
not pictured: handful each of cherries and grapes

How are you doing with your training and eating?

beer instead of running on Easter weekend!

there I am at Around The Bay. in the other pictures I’m smiling more but I like the yellow sunshine happy shirt more than my coat :o)

in other news – I’m officially a Fighting Koala. race schedule is tbd but planning something in July, August and September with the Ottawa Half Marathon in May, the Waterloo Classic in June, and a fall marathon.

had a 13M run planned for the weekend but that fell apart when Easter weekend decided to be 27 degrees Celsius! golfed 9 holes instead and drank beer. and rye. sigh… time to get back on the fitness bandwagon. at least I walked the course instead of rode.

up this week:

run tonight volleyball tues koalas bike wed run/yoga thurs rest fri bike sat run sun

30K Around The Bay

ME is still planning to do Boston in 3 weeks. Longest training run to date: 30K Around The Bay

race: 30KM (Around The Bay, Hamilton)
time: 3:23:33
pace: 6:57/km
place in age group: 240/315
notes: ME wanted to take it easy and treat this as a training run. and there was an eight (8!) minute potty break about 20 mins into the race. so we definitely took it easy… very laissez faire. ME also started to struggle with lower leg pain at about 12km. definitely related to shoes. he has big feet so selection is limited for him and finding a good pair hasn’t been easy. as for me, I felt like a million dollars. I think I definitely would have beat last year’s time (3:16:05) had we been racing. my left knee started acting up at 8km though and is still feeling yucky. I’ve got a physio apt tomorrow (today I guess w/ autopost). finished the race with a mad dash to the line. sneaky ME tried to get away from me but I’m a competitive little bugger and wouldn’t let that happen. the finish line announcer said “holy cow!” about my finishing kick. boo. ya.

other news:
Fighting Koalas – Waterloo – I’m planning on joining. typically I do very well under a coach and that accountability will definitely help my fitness. can’t wait to hear back from them!

hard decision

I came to a hard decision yesterday but one that ultimately, will be a good decision…
as you can likely tell from the blog, marathon training has been almost non-existent. ME is running Boston in 5.5wks and I was planning to run the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. my longest run to date was the Chilly Half Marathon (race report coming) a week ago Sunday. we are both signed up for Around The Bay in 2wks. that will be the longest run I’ve done this year. given that I want to run a couple marathons this year and run them well, Ottawa wasn’t feeling good. I’ll be signing up for the half in Ottawa and I won’t be worrying about staying off my feet at the Gleeb Garage Sale or the long drive or sleeping arrangements. it’s for the best.

lessons learned from this:
1. don’t be such a hero and sign up for a freakin’ clinic
2. consistency is key
3. I’m inconsistent
4. I’m better at life when I’m running regularly.

upcoming races:
Around The Bay – 28 Mar
Ottawa Half Marathon – 30 May
10K Classic – 20 Jun

in positive ‘getting consistent’ running news: HE and I ran this morning. (woo hoo March Break!)
distance 6.18km time 33:30 pace 5:50min/km calories 330 felt good after loosening up at hot yoga last night. left ankle was sore, like a bruise. felt good to get up and get going nice and early!

Around the Bay – 30km!

hell’s yes baby! you have no idea how excited I am about this post! :o)

Around the Bay 30K road race in Hamilton
distance: 30km
time: 3:16:05 (chip)
pace: 6:40/km
place: 3614/4924
category placing: 74/102
gender placing: 1457/2299
splits: 10km 1:07:45; 15km 1:40:59; 20km 2:13:01
bib: 3794

notes: oh my god I am pumped about this run! this is the furthest I’ve to date and it was my very first euphoric runner’s high moment! I literally almost kissed the woman in the chute telling me “Slow down hun, are you ok? Good job! You finished!” it was like I was floating I was so giddy! I get a runners high from regular runs where I feel really good after the run but this was much more euphoric. ME and I both pushed hard in the last km but he clearly could have kicked my ass. instead he beat me on gun time but I beat him on chip time. I am so happy la la lala!

first 10K – felt really good; caught a bunch of relay people that went out too fast. had a gel (powerade chocolate) some water and gatorade. stomach felt a bit bloated after that so I tried to drink more water than gatorade after that but the water cups never seemed to be as full as the gatorade cups. raining. soaked most of the way through. saw a guy dressed as a rocket run by me. too funny.

second 10K – felt good through to the about the 17K mark, after that my legs but mostly my feet were starting to get sore, esp. on downhills. there was a really funny quote on the 18K marker – something like “The pain reaches a point and doesn’t get any worse. You might as well run like hell and get it over with.” it was fitting for my mindset for the race although, as you can see from my time, I was nowhere near running like hell. was eating sport beans (fruit punch flavour) and more water and gatorade.

last 10K – feet were really killing now as there were 2 really long downhills. there were three long climbs as well but those were easy in comparison to the downhills. saw superman, the grim reaper and mini-grim reaper. somewhere in the first few kms of this third of the race I had my last gel (caffeinated chocolate flavour). the last km ME and I picked it up a lot. haven’t checked garmy yet but it felt like a really quick km. we ran down the ramp and into Copps Coliseum and I shouted to ME to go but he tossed a “No! C’mon!” over his shoulder and we sprinted the last 20m down the finish chute, streaking past other runners. can’t wait for the pictures b/c I had the most ridiculous grin on my face!

I’ll post a picture of me in my around the bay shirt and finishers medal and links to the race pics as soon as they are available.

so considering that I hadn’t run for 2.5 weeks prior because of this cold, I’m pretty impressed with myself. good on you hoodie!

26 days to marathon