Early morning run!

After Sunday’s sore leg and bum episode, I took yesterday off to recoup.  This morning, I told myself that I’d go out for an easy 10 minute run and see how I felt and make a decision from there. It was minus three degrees Celsius this morning when I started my run. Plus windchill. Very chilly! That cold air made my eyes water, my nose run and my feet fleet.  Nine minutes into my run, I’d already covered 1.6km and I continued to push the pace from there, covering another 3.2km in 16:55. By then I was warmed up and I dialed it back to a gentler pace to finish off the run (6.67km in total). Total time 36 minutes.  To recap: that’s a four minute improvement of time from Sunday’s run. My ass is officially unbroken!

Tonight I’ve got volleyball and soccer.  Busy night.

group run in NW Waterloo

ran some trails out in NW W’Loo last thursday. awesome!

time: 45:20
distance: ~4M
pace: ~10:30/M
notes: great run! the trails we were on were hilly and challenging. it was cooler in the shade of the forest. ran in my nikes which I learned later that night are part of my overuse injuries problems. apparently I need a bit more of a stiffer shoe. ME, JB and I went up and down and around and then back to JB’s place. thanks for the good run guys! this is my new, new favourite place to run since it is longer than my old new favourite place but unfortunately it’s a 10min car ride across town… possible fix is bike to JB’s and then run and bike home.

later on thurs night I had my gait analysis done. found some interesting stuff. I guess decision on orthodics will wait until after my physiotherapist gets back from the Tour de France.

played footie on friday night approx an hour of playing time.

then I was lazy and a bad eater all weekend.

in better news… ME got me P90X!!!! so I’m going to check that out tonight. I’m hoping to get a run in before going to the driving range tonight and then p90x when I get home.