10K PR!

yeah! 10K PR (personal record) in the books!

my previous 10K best was 55:08, and I trimmed that to 54:43 on Sunday! woo hoo! that time was good enough for 9/38 (a top ten finish ma!) in my age group and 61st out of a field of 246 women. smiles all around :o) oh yeah, and all this was done in a tutu that was pretty much like running with a parachute on. I’ll post a picture once the race photos are available. (because I’m awesome like that and didn’t document any of my day… duh)

at the race, I was hoping to meet Heather of Books and Quilts who is an awesome volunteer and runner on the K-W running scene. unfortunately I didn’t find her. Heather – I’m sorry we didn’t connect!

a thank you and a tutu plan

first off, a thank you:

lovely Julie at debsaidno.com, wrote an awesome post about reasonably priced sunglasses which she claims started with me but my belief is she’s too modest and really she’s the one with the great style. thank you for the mention Julie! you all should follow her blog. it’s all about real life looking and feeling great.

so, remember this?

this is the stink at nothing shirt, featured in my hoodie has been MIA post.

whelp, on 20 June, I’ll be running the Waterloo Classic 10K in that and this:

after the half marathon fail, it’s time to reinvigorate my running with some fun!

ME is gonna love showing up with me in this.

hard decision

I came to a hard decision yesterday but one that ultimately, will be a good decision…
as you can likely tell from the blog, marathon training has been almost non-existent. ME is running Boston in 5.5wks and I was planning to run the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. my longest run to date was the Chilly Half Marathon (race report coming) a week ago Sunday. we are both signed up for Around The Bay in 2wks. that will be the longest run I’ve done this year. given that I want to run a couple marathons this year and run them well, Ottawa wasn’t feeling good. I’ll be signing up for the half in Ottawa and I won’t be worrying about staying off my feet at the Gleeb Garage Sale or the long drive or sleeping arrangements. it’s for the best.

lessons learned from this:
1. don’t be such a hero and sign up for a freakin’ clinic
2. consistency is key
3. I’m inconsistent
4. I’m better at life when I’m running regularly.

upcoming races:
Around The Bay – 28 Mar
Ottawa Half Marathon – 30 May
10K Classic – 20 Jun

in positive ‘getting consistent’ running news: HE and I ran this morning. (woo hoo March Break!)
distance 6.18km time 33:30 pace 5:50min/km calories 330 felt good after loosening up at hot yoga last night. left ankle was sore, like a bruise. felt good to get up and get going nice and early!

Waterloo Classic

sadly, no PR today (missed it by 29 seconds) but I did run well considering I haven’t been training much.

distance: 10K Waterloo Classic
time: 55:28 (chip)
place: 14/40 in age group
pace: 5:36/km

so unlike in my marathon when I had no kick left, today I dug around and found a teeny bit of energy left in the bottom of my toes and passed 4 (count ’em 4!) guys in the last 25 meters. woot! finally, a hard finish! of course I did my usually gag from the hard effort and b/c of the heat today the volunteers were being super viligant about heat exhaustion so I got rewarded with a concerned lady making me walk and plunking ice on me. the ice was awesome and really I was fine, I always do the dry heave after a good hard finish.
the middle bits of the race were ok. around the 4km mark I was like man, I wish I’d done the 5k. but after pep talking myself a bit I was fine. the course was twisty and slow. it was pretty frustrating having to do a turn around mid way through the first lap to add some distance. the sun was also a factor since I haven’t run much in the heat and I wilt like no one’s business.

oh, and ME beat me. dammit.

now I need to get out and train. hard. all summer.