today’s run – meadowvale, not quite colonial acres

Route: trails and roads past Jim B’s, and almost colonial acres neighbourhoods – loop
Time: 29:51
Distance: 3.01 m
Pace: 9:56/m
Calories: 358
Weather: 18C, sunny, cool, beautiful fall day
Wildlife: none, unless you count the woman hiding in the bushes off one of the paths…
Notes: Tonight felt great! Blue shorts were great, blue shoes were great, no tummy issues, legs felt generally pretty good. A bit stiff to start and calves are a bit achy now but pretty good all in all. Perfect temperature for a run in a long sleeve. It was like bounding out there tonight; I thought I could go forever. I was pretty chuffed when I thought I’d done a 8:42 mile but… then I realized that ‘lap 4’ was 30 ft long, not a mile… but I did those 30 ft at Boston qualifying pace!

Tonight I felt like the running gods were smiling on me. Makes me want to go out for more!

Today, I read about the Tri-City Track Club. Not sure whether I’m ready yet but it’s definitely what I need to improve. I really enjoyed structured practices (way back) in highschool and I’m competitive. The combination of practices, structure, and teammates would be a great combination for me but right now I don’t think I’ve got enough of a base to make the jump.

There is a new knitting project on deck for this weekend if I can find some suitable yarn in time. Tomorrow is stitch ‘n’ bitch night so must run in the am. LM, hope you feel like running!

Note to self – get some ColdFX ASAP possible.

2 thoughts on “today’s run – meadowvale, not quite colonial acres

  1. I have been run-a-running too. Its only an every-other-day thing (as the school schedule permits…) but I hauled my ass out of bed this morning when I really didn’t want to. Between fight class, running again, rehearsal and 13 hr days my body pretty much hates me (so says the left eye twitch). The worst of it is the shin splints… Suggestions? I was told that maybe new runs are in need?


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