last night’s run – slippery!

~3.31 m; 32:??mins (painfully slow)
-1 deg C; light snow; slushy, icy, snow covered terrain.
felt great to get out running. ME and i were chatting and laughing. everything was great. 1.5M in and my left knee goes haywire. pain on the outside wrapping from the bottom of my IT band to the bottom of my patella. ow. powered thru and iced when i got home. played soccer later last night and the knee was stable and pain free. was taking off my track pants at home and it screeched when i sort of lost my balance sideways. iced again and feels ok today. am a little scared about what this means. do i stop playing pivot sports to run?

found a great new podcast > Confessions of a Runner
i love that Jodi runs and records at the same time. the rhythmic sound of her breathing and footfalls is soothing and i like listening to her at work. good tunes in there too.

started working on a training schedule for ME and i. we’ve got december to get his base mileage in. a little tight but could be worse.

going to try to get to the gym tonight or do a strength workout at home. early to bed tonight too!

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