12 miler yesterday – world of hurt

distance: 12M
time: 2:11:07
pace: painfully slow 10:55/M
calories burned: 1389 (according to the Garmin but running on loose packed snow means I probably burned more like 1500)
weather: -8 Celsius, clear and sunny, loose pack snow (about the texture of sand)
post run refuel: 1 pint of Guinness, 5 medium chicken wings and 1/2 a plate of poutine.

ME felt great – he wanted me to put that in my training log. I did not feel great. the best descriptor for my run was: miserable. you know what it’s like to run on dry sand? that’s what the run felt like. miles 1-7 sucked hard until we got to St. Jacobs and there was some clear pavement to run on. miles 8 and 9 were enjoyable and I felt pretty good. at 9.5 I had the Guinness craving hit me. note that I’ve never actually drank a whole pint of Guinness by myself before yesterday, post-run. envisioning the fulfillment of that craving got me through the rest of the run. the final mile was uncomfortable, my calves felt crampy and my legs were heavy. I got it done though and felt much relief that 1. it’s over and 2. I get another red sticker on my calendar for a successfully completed run! yes, that’s correct, I use stickers as motivation. not even nice stickers, just red dots, but hey! it makes me happy to see lots of red on my calendar! it was a bad running day but I discovered that I can tolerate a fair amount of discomfort for a long time so that gives me hope for the marathon.

mileage missed last week: one 5M run that was supposed to have been completed on Friday. went to the ACDC concert instead.

on deck this week: Monday – 5M but may push it to Tues b/c of indoor soccer tonight; Tuesday – rest or the 5M from Monday; Wednesday – tempo 5M, 3M@8:35/mile pace with 1M warm up and cool down; Thursday – rest but maybe a bike ride during Grey’s Anatomy; Friday – 5M; Saturday – 14M.

remembered my training log so I’ll get the Christmas break runs up over lunch.

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