indoor soccer – the cross training question

played about 30-35mins of the game last night. had lots of female subs for once but it cuts into the playing time. I played well but didn’t generate much offense. legs felt good (might have been the Advil I took prior) and my fitness level has definitely improved. talked briefly with LN about using soccer as a x-training day or as one of the short runs for the week. she used soccer as a workout, and counted it towards her total mileage for her marathon training. not sure how I feel about this, like the team we play with now is an indoor team that plays on little fields. do I really push myself hard enough to count soccer as a workout? let’s be honest, most nights I’m busy being a prima donna that I barely break a sweat. I think that I am going to read a bit more from my Competitive Runner’s Handbook and see what it says.

on deck tonight: volleyball. should be running 6M but since it’s like minus 25 out I think I’ll ride my bike and watch The Biggest Loser.

ME is in Toronto with BR for the Leafs game tonight. pout.

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