I don’t do enough exciting things impulsively any more. well, except maybe buy clothes and shoes and sign up for races… but nothing that’s free. to rectify that situation, I signed up for the Blog Idol contest at iRun. suprises of suprises, little hoodieruns has made the top ten! squee! so, in addition to a mini biography being published in their magazine, my head shot will also be published… in a national running magazine! so began the quest to get a good head shot.

ME and I tried to do some ourselves…


and this:

were a sample of what we came up with. note flyaway hair, bad lighting and chipped nailpolish. oops.
then Claire of ClaireK. Photography saw my Facebook status and sent me a message to see if she could help. hearts to Claire! we’re meeting tonight to see if we can come up with something more polished.

in other news… I got new kicks.
remember that implusive shoe buying? well I bought Saucony ProGrid™ Triumph 5 (last year’s model) on Sunday. this purchase wasn’t entirely impulsive; I needed something to supplement my Nike’s and old Saucony’s. inaugural run is planned for tonight.

in running news… I’m lazy.
no long run this weekend. I did get some serious weight training in on Saturday though at the gym with KT. new shoes are calling me though. I want to get out there! I miss the relaxing, when my mind just wanders and cleans itself. I miss working hard and breathing hard. most of all… I MISS WARMER WEATHER!

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