back on track and feelin’ it!

distance: 4.07M
time: 38:54
pace: 9:35ish.
weather: -5, clear.

yay!!! an outdoor, good, hoodie’s got her groove back, run! it was so nice out last night. ME and I ripped around the neighbourhood in short order, with a short walk break b/c ME was feeling a bit light headed at our blistering pace. actual time to finish should have been around 35-37mins. I felt like I could fly last night but was wondering if I could somehow manage to hold a minute faster per mile pace for 26.2M… need to get tomorrow’s speed work in. given that the temperature is supposed to plummet again overnight (read: -25 with windchill) and we’re getting light snow right now on top of wet pavement and it’s going to be icy, the track seems to be the best option.

hope to get a bike ride in after/before volleyball tonight.

during the whole time I’ve been typing this, my left hip has been really itchy… turns out there’s a Remove Before Wearing tag in my pants that I failed to remove before wearing. I’m so put together.

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