interval workout and new running club

so a couple of the girls I played volleyball with last winter (who got special mention in the marathon report since they came out and ran the last 4-5kms with me) are runners. we’ve started a running club (term used loosely).

first meeting was a week ago thursday-

hill workout on wilmot line
time: 35 mins
distance: estimated 3M
notes: it was a good workout. there are some nasty hills on wilmot so it was a great strength workout!

second meeting last night-
interval workout at track
time: 1 hr 10mins approx.
distance: 6km + 1200m warm up
intervals: 500m @ effort, 500m recovery, 400m effort, 400m recovery, 300m, 300m, 200m, 200m, 100m, 100m and then repeat.
notes: it was hot out last night and I’m very out of shape. this workout was hard! it also highlighted my inability to do math or keep track of start/end points. good thing the rest of the running club (newest member: ME who flew thru the workout last night) works in a math specific profession. left foot was hurting afterwards. not sure what’s causing it but my self-diagnosising efforts suggest that it might be that my shoes are too tight. feels better this morning.

other workouts
tuesday night – beach volleyball. 1hr. biked there and back.
wednesday morning – gym. 20mins run, covering 1.86M. then some light strength training.

had a good laugh out loud moment this morning care of Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!
go see his friday funny here:

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