foot – not working as expected

the last 3(ish) weeks I’ve been experiencing off and on foot pain. I initially wrote it off as muscle pain and overuse but it’s been getting steadily worse. after yesterday’s lunch run it was pretty miserable so off to the doctor’s this morning. Dr Fancy Hair (my GP) is thinking possible stress fracture in my 5th tarsal. so immediately after my appointment I whipped over to the lab and got a set of x-rays done. should hear back today/tomorrow if there is a large break. I’m also scheduled for a bone scan 6 july to rule out a smaller/hard to see stress fracture. Fancy Hair says dial down the high impact activities but don’t stop them. (hill run tonight and soccer tomorrow whoot!)

lunch run yesterday:
time: 18:59
distance: 2.64M (4.22km)
calories: ~180
notes: this was awesome to run fairly hard for 20mins and get my heart rate up over lunch. quick shower and still back to work in an hour. good deal. ran a loop from my gym. it was pretty flat with a small rolling hill section in the first quarter. foot felt ok until about 12-15mins in and then it was protesting loudly. pushing in the clutch on my car to drive back to work almost induced a gag. definitely induced a yelp. inaugrual run in the new kicks.

today I’ve got my foot crammed into my fancy new puma’s and I’m looking forward to hills tonight with JB and KB!

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