a run and a round of golf

wednesday morning I ran before work (for once!) on the grand river trail.

distance: 4.77M (ran to the last bulge before the bend in the river)
time: 47:18
pace: 9:56/M
cal: 538
shoes: red sauconys

wore my new ankle nike socks… terrible. they’ve shrunk since washing them and my foot didn’t have enough space, resulting in nasty hot spots. ended up taking off my one sock altogether to be able to spread out my toes. generally I felt good. no ankle/foot/IT band pain. was starting to drag by 3M. it was humid and I hadn’t eaten or drank anything before going out. felt better once it started gushing down rain. I’m really glad I ran since it felt awesome and I was really hungry for breakfast at the end!

last night we golfed 18 holes. I pulled my clubs in a pull cart. would have preferred to have carried my clubs but didn’t realize we were walking and brought my cart bag. that’ll learn me! thanks to DS and MS for the round and the ‘tub afterwards! p.s. MIAMI!!

this weekend we’re heading home to goderich for a wedding and some much needed rest. am taking the running gear so should get at least two runs in: saturday or sunday and monday.

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