Two runs and a hawk

I’ve done two whole runs this week! No CrossFit classes yet but planning to get there a couple time yet this week. 
Run details:
Monday morning 5.5km in 28 minutes in my Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves. I love those shoes! They give me fleet feet.
Wednesday morning 6.6km in 37 minutes in regular shoes. I felt slow and out of shape this morning and the pace reflected that.
Last night before I left work, this happened:

Crazy right?!

The RIM12 Hawk is a BAMF. He just don’t care. From watching him, I learned that in order to take flight with a heavy load of squirrel in your talons, you must strip fur off the carcass to reduce drag. I wish I’d caught him stomping around the base of the tree, dragging the squirrel like it was stuck to his peg leg.

No yelling at me if this is actually a female hawk. I’m still calling him a him. Have you met me btw? I have a female cat with a boy’s name…

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