all has been quiet on the running and racing front

It’s been awhile, sorry guys.

I’ve been busy going to CrossFit lately and have my running motivation is at an all time low. A run here, a run there have happened, mostly around the 5k mark. Possibly more concerning is my low interest in racing. For the first time in a few years, I’ve got no interest in racing. My membership in the Fighting Koalas has lapsed. There are no races on my calendar. I’m not entirely sure what is causing my low motivation with racing and running. There are a million and one things going on this summer but that’s not any different than any other summer… Take last summer for example. @Ed_Markwards and I got married and we pulled that together in 193 days. We raced, worked crazy hours and fit in trips to the cottage. We’re not getting remarried this summer so the list is shorter. Yet, the funk, it is hanging around. My competitive edge is MIA.

So what, right?

No. I need an outlet for my aggression, my competive nature, my stress, otherwise it comes out at work or at home. CrossFit is filling some of those gaps for me but it can’t and shouldn’t fill the entire void. Otherwise I’d make every class a competition and the classes aren’t about that, they are about making myself better and stronger. It’s not about lifting faster or lifting more than the person next to me. Next steps then Hoodie? Well, I think I need to sign up for some races. That should help get me motivated. Next, get running. Get biking. Get swimming. Start small. I don’t need to go out and run 18km this weekend. A couple runs and some swimming in Lake Huron would be just fine!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Look for a post over at soon too. I’ve got some proud moments at CrossFit to tell you about.

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