So I’ve run twice now. Once intentionally.

There have been two runs so far… let me tell you about how they went down.

The First Run

I did my very first run since getting cleared by my favourite torturist physiotherapist. As a reminder, I’m only allowed to run 30 seconds, followed by 2 minutes of walking and this is to project my delicate, aging body.

My Garmin data shows how carefully I followed the rules. I was so delighted to be out running, I didn’t even care how ridiculous I looked, trotting along so slowly for 30 seconds and then meandering even more slowly for two minutes.



That pace is soooo slow but it’s a run!!

Now to turn this into a regular occurence. After talking with a colleague, lunchtime runs might be the best option for me.

The Other Run

This run was completely un-planned and against all rules. It was comprised of 15 seconds of flat out sprinting. At 1:40AM on Thursday night. Thanks a lot carbon monoxide detector and your test pattern to alert us to the fact you were not properly mounted.

Scariest moments of my life.

What I learned:

  • I know that I only care about getting one thing out of my house… my child.
  • I must remember to grab my phone on the way out, to call 911.
  • Sprinting does not make my Achilles very happy for the next few days.

My ankle and foot have been tight all weekend but have settled now. The plan is to run an approved, following The Rules, run tonight.

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