Last night I shredded my hands doing pull ups. I iced them by drinking an ice cold pint at The Chill. That made them feel better.

Here’s what I did to shred my hands.

Hero bench mark workout: Holbrook

10 Rounds:
5 Thrusters (Rx 80lbs, I did 55lbs)
10 Pullups (first round Rx, next 6 rounds with red band)
100m sprint
1 min rest

This is what this workout looks like:
(Just watch the first 1:00)

So a couple of things about this workout were particularly challenging for me. First was the sore shoulder I woke up with yesterday. I think a combination of Wednesday’s workout (see below), volleyball on the weekend and the way I’ve been sleeping lately conspired to give me some tightness. A lengthy warm up and keeping the weight down  (I think I could have done 70lbs) helped the shoulder, because it feels good today. The other thing that was tough was the pull ups. I can’t quite string together kips. Kipping pullups aren’t quite what the guy above is doing. Those look like butterfly pullups. Here’s what I mean:

I can do them one at a time but not able to just bang a bunch out. I swing too much and that wreaks havoc on my hands. They blister and pop after about 30. It’s really gross.

What’s awesome about this workout? Thrusters and running. I like!

Wednesday’s workout.

Halting Deadlift (3sec)
8-8-8 (I was working at 75lbs, really working to keep my form)

1 Hang Clean & Squat; (Rx 115lb, I did 75lbs)
2 Lateral Burpee (jumping over the bar)
2 Hang Clean & Squat
3 Burpee
3 Hang Clean & Squat
4 Burpee
… continue ladder by adding 1rep each round until time completed (I completed 6 rounds)

This was a schweaty workout. Wee lateral burpees! Nothing like the fear of tripping to make you jump!

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