Reading prompt #16: A book published in 2017


This book is so f*cking good.  

“Your mom is your blood and bone before your body even knows how to make any.”

This. This quote, it settled in my heart and has not left my head. For days. It’s simple and perfect and so true of motherhood. That Ms. Koul has the talent to put words to this truth is astounding. It makes me so jealous of her talent. 

Go read this book. Support a Canadian woman. Learn about her experiences as the child of immigrants, what it’s like to have her skin, her hair. Recognize your own privilege and then look around you. Where can you give a hand up?

Number of books completed: 13/52

Periodization without really trying

I was looking over my training stats tonight, after feeling guilty about not running for four days this week. Turns out I did three weeks of building kms and naturally dropped my running this week by about half.  

The last three weeks have been 19-24km/week and this week was 10km. Tonight’s run, I was feeling every bit of the 75km I’ve done between 26 March and 22 April. I’m good with what I have gotten done but, if I feel okay tomorrow, I might squeeze in another 4-6km.

Tonight, I knocked out 5km on sore tired legs and I’m proud of that. This morning, an endurance athlete said to me that I should train on tired, end of the day legs when I’m already exhausted. That will help mentally prepare me for ultra distances. Well big check mark for me there. I’m dead tired and my legs are feeling achytiredsore.

Time for bed. Hoodieruns needs to get some sleep.

Reading prompt #24: A book set in the wilderness

This pick is a bit of a weird one but it’s perfectly in line with my recent trail and ultra obsession. And Barkley is definitely set in the wilderness.

I’m running more and more consistently than I have in the last year and have been thinking a lot about doing an ultramarathon (50km minimum) in 2018. As part of my pseudo-research, I watched The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young  on Netflix. That, coupled with the recent running of the 2017 Barkley and the gripping efforts of Canadian Gary Robbins, fascinated me and has encouraged the growth of the ultra idea. That of course, led to a book purchase… And here we are.

This book is self-published and would benefit from some gentle editorial attention. However, part of the charm of the book is the approach and rambling of an original Barkley sicko, Frozen Ed. It captures both the history of the Barkley and the author’s experiences of multiple racing attempts (and one finish) from 1986-2009. There are also course descriptions, colour commentary and some of the crazier stories of the Barkley. 

As a person interested in the sport of ultrarunning, I was hoping for more information on how to manage some of the logistics of running long distances; strategies for eating, foot management, training methodologies/philosophies were some of the logistics I was hoping to learn about, given Frozen Ed’s 10+ starts and training periods for Barkley. I think if you are dreaming of starting Barkley, you probably want to read this book for context and historical information. For the rest of us, this is another way to feed your curiosity but the documentary is better. It’s got a better narrative. 

There will not be a Barkley in my future. I shall be satisfied if I write a book that gets used as a Barkley Marathons checkpoint book.

Number of books completed: 12/52

And with that, she takes the lead!

I’m trying to run further than @bigbrnz in the month of April​. With today’s 10km, I have taken the lead*!

Today I ran 10.2km in 1:15. Slow but 1) it was a long, slow run on purpose and 2) I was pushing over 80lbs of kidlets and stroller. 

Here’s a picture of me and the empty stroller. The kidlets were busy on the swings in the second park we stopped at because, “Mama! I wanna go to da park! No, the ODDER park!”

It was gorgeous and sunny today. My forehead got some sun, my mind got some endorphins. It was a good day.

* I think I’m the lead. @bigbrnz hasn’t done a sync yet.

Reading prompt #14: A book involving travel

So, it may not be traditional travel but close enough. This was a fun read, exciting and out there. It was not as good as 14 but had an interesting blend of science, action and enviable minds. 

Finishing this book​ on a crummy day was my activity to fulfill my No Zero Day. I’m also cranking out my physio exercises. I’m tired but they are important.

Number of books completed: 11/52

For real, my Wednesday run and No Zero Day Thursday

Wednesday was 5x250m intervals – roughly. That’s imperfect, it was really 5x 3 telephone poles…
I think I clocked my fastest post-partum mile in three years!! 8:45 maybe? I don’t know my Garmin is dead. To be confirmed.

Today, I did not run. My legs needed the rest plus the weather was shit. In the spirit of No Zero Days, I did do my physio exercises. And I’m reading. Thank you, past me. This has been good investment in me.

Tuesday flush out run

Just a short, slow run today, to flush out my legs and get some fresh air. 3.4km, 24mins.
I recently read a Reddit response about “No Zero Days” which outlined four simple rules:

  1. No Zero Days – every day do something to further your goals or dreams.
  2. Be grateful to the three you’s – past, present, and future you. Thank past you for the achievements that make you today. Do favours for future you, like furthering your goals. This cycle of gratitude and favours make present you productive and grateful.
  3. Forgive yourself.
  4. Do exercise and read books.

This post is simple and awesome. I’m implementing it. 

Today I ran. Thank you past me.  I’m really glad you ran. I feel so much better for it. 

Thank you past me, for doing our physio exercises yesterday. All of them. I forgive you for being lazy about them recently. Future me: I’m going to do better. We are going to heal the hole in our abs!

Now I’m going to go read a book: How to Run Your First Ultra by Krissy Moehls and do my physio.

Monday speed session

6.48km, just under 39mins.

Run observations:

  • Frogs chirruping by the pond already
  • $1.40 in empties seen (poor form Huron County)
  • 37km/hr wind at your back is awesome
  • Turkey vultures are f*cking huge and scary
  • Thrumming of the safety wires on the radio tower is a bit unnerving
  • My calves are weak
  • Gary Robbins is a beast

Three runs last week!

The Hoodlet ran with me. She did the heavy lifting. She was pushing the stroller, with 17.4lbs(!) of Little Bear inside.

The Hoodlet ran with me on Tuesday too. We shared the work, with her pushing half and me pushing half.

Wednesday, I flew solo with the stroller.

It was a good week.